Past meets Present

The PULL Series is reason to pause and reflect on man’s ingenuity.
Over hundreds of years, we have continually sought to improve and innovate.

Please enjoy our testament to the past combined with the wines of today.


Fine wines layered with character, and perfect for pairing.

2018 PULL

Dark red fruit aromas on the nose with this wine, with notes of chocolate and cherries and a chewy, soft mouthfeel on the palate. For pairing ideas, try pork chops or tenderloin with a rich sauce.  This wine is available for purchase by clicking below.

2020 PULL
Cabernet Sauvignon

On the nose, aromas of black currants and cherries, with a tannic mouthfeel finishing with notes of mocha, raspberry, and black licorice. Perfect to pair with red meats like filet mignon, sirloin, or other hearty dishes with a savory sauce.

2020 PULL

Fully opaque, but filled with violets and deep ruby reds. The gorgeous color is only a precursor to a big and bold wine with layers of spice. Maraschino cherry and black plum fruit coat the mouth for a sultry red wine.

2021 PULL

On the nose, this wine has aromas of toasted oak, caramel, and buttered popcorn, with vanilla, oak, and spice notes on the palate, combined with a bright crisp mouthfeel. Pair with seafood dishes and delicious with pizza with white sauce.

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