History of Continental Vineyard

Continental Wine Collection is deeply rooted in the history of Continental Vineyard. In 1973, a group called Continental Vintners – consisting of managing partner Herman Schwartz in collaboration with renowned Hollywood actors Wayne Rodgers, James Cann, Jack Webb, and Peter Falk – acquired the 2,500-acre property in Paso Robles with the intent to cultivate world-class wine grapes. Originally named “Rancho Tierra Rejada,” or “Land of Worked Earth,” it was on this land where Schwartz first planted over 500 acres of grape vines. At a time when there were only about 2,000 vineyard acres in the entire Paso Robles region, Schwartz took care to plant more diverse varieties than had previously been planted in the area.

Schwartz was an innovative grower with a keen interest in both sustaining the environment and promoting Paso Robles as a high-quality winegrape growing region, for which it has since become known. As a pioneer of sustainable farming techniques in the region, Schwartz’s early efforts led to the development of over 700 acres of re-planted vines in the late 90s. Situated on varied topography and soils 12 miles east of the city of Paso Robles, Continental Vineyard continues to deliver on Schwartz’s vision for the potential of Paso Robles.

A big personality with an abiding passion for Paso Robles, Schwartz wanted to ensure Paso Robles took its rightful place on the map as a premium wine-growing region. With this goal in mind, he helped establish the Paso Robles Vintners & Growers Association and Wine Festival, both of which carry on as promotional entities today. His enduring legacy is also as an original petitioner to form the Paso Robles AVA in 1982, along with pioneer vintner Gary Eberle. Today, the belief that the best is yet to come for Continental Vineyard has never been stronger under the careful stewardship of Continental Wine Collective.

A half-century later, Continental Wine Collection carries on the vision of this storied, Certified California Sustainable, vineyard through its brands, CV Wines, Broken Earth Wines and Pull Wines. Continental Wine Collection couples its passion for sustainable farming with an unwavering commitment to quality winemaking in order to craft authentic, balanced wines that seamlessly reflect the nuances of this special place.

Continental Vineyard continues its rich heritage with 20 varieties planted. Additionally, the Continental Wine Collective has established new varieties with the TTB, and has imported new clones that show exceptional promise. Through these efforts, the company strives to strengthen the sustainably.