Continental Wine Collection is a premier wine company encompassing the labels Broken Earth Wines, CV Wines, and Pull Wines, grounded in the pioneering spirit of Paso Robles Wine Country. These distinguished brands produce high quality estate wines, sourced from the legendary, sustainably-farmed Continental Vineyard. 


Continental Vineyard 50th Anniversary

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Continental Vineyard: established in 1973, its bold legacy continues today. Deeply rooted in the pioneer spirit of Paso Robles wine country, Continental Wine Collection is born from heritage, hard work, and careful stewardship of our vineyard. Land that once sustained generations of cattle ranchers has been transformed by visionary grape growers and is now home to over 700 acres of vines on Paso Robles’ east side.

Our Brands


CV Wines comprise highly allocated Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and red Bordeaux-style blends. Renowned for their distinctive
personalities, age-worthiness, and food-friendly natures, CV Wines expertly marry tradition and innovation to offer connoisseurs an unparalleled experience.


The wines of Broken Earth highlight varietal definition and purity of fruit to accurately portray balance. Crafted with minimal intervention, Broken Earth wines are bold representations of Paso Robles terroir that reflect the soil, fruit, and character of the vineyard.

The PULL series is expertly crafted to be approachable and delightful, making them the perfect everyday wines to enhance any meal. Venture into flavors reflecting the rugged landscape of California’s Central Coast and taste how past meets present.